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Audio Incorporating audio at the point of purchase is one of the most effective ways to grab attention and communicate directly with the consumer. Our audio playback devices can provide anything from a jingle or a chime to a demo for the newest Bluetooth speaker. This technology is a great fit for both permanent and temporary display applications. Allow us to answer all your technical questions and take your ideas from concept to execution - contact us today!

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Surface Mount Display Speakers

We offer a wide variety of P.O.P. display speakers for both temporary and permanent displays.

Embedded Audio Display Circuit

Embedded audio circuits are a great way to draw more attention to your direct mail, magazine insert or on-shelf advertisement.

Compact Display Digital Audio Unit

Our compact digital display audio unit features a built-in battery compartment and push button activator. Other activation methods are available and can easily be integrated into the component.

Standard Digital Audio Unit

This audio component is the Industry Standard that has been used for decades. Our standard audio unit delivers crisp, clear audio and is still used in displays with adequate space and mounting.

SD Card Digital Audio Unit

We have custom audio units that are available for your specialty displays. With our SD card audio units, you can easily change the audio message by changing the SD card inserted into the housing.

Synchronized Display LED / Audio Unit

We have the ability to fully synchronize your audio message to specific LED flash patterns. Draw attention while flashing message at specific times and notices.

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