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Accessories Hankscraft stocks a large variety of electronic accessories including activators, brackets, battery clips, pockets, linkages, remote sensors and more.
We can help you easily assemble your P.O.P. display, merchandiser and direct mail promotions. Contact us today!

Cranks and Linkages

Cranks and linkages are used in P.O.P. motion displays to animate the dispay off of the drive motor.

Discs and Hubs

Disc and hubs are used to spin, rotate and move animated objects on your POP motion display.

Fish Stix and Crutch Tips

Fish stix and crutch tips are used as pivot points and paths in motion displays.

Motion Pockets

Pockets are used to attach motors, brackets and pivot points to P.O.P. Displays.

Motor Assembly Example

Above is an example of a motor assembly with bracket, crank and linkage to animate a motion display.

Magnetic Switch & Motion Sensor

Magnetic switches activate when the distance is seperated and motion sensors are used to activate when an object passes.

Push Button Activators

We carry multiple sizes and lighted button options to activate your display, LEDs or electronics.

Sensors, Switches and Activators

We carry in-stock multiple different options for activating electronics, LEDs and motion applications.

Storable Media Options

We carry multiple options to store and transfer your media including internal memory, SD card, USB and flash drives.

Remote Control and RF Sensors

From controlling LCD Screens and programs to turning on or off LED or electronic display, remote controls offer variety.

12V Shelf Mount Battery Holder

Our 12V (8 D-cell) shlef mount battery holder can be secured to standard metal shelving to power varies devices.

AC Power Adapters

We stock multiple different power adapters for many different applications depending on your power needs.

In-Stock Battery Clips

We stock in-house a variety of battery clips for different power needs, all wired to a two-pin connector.

Standard Pole Type Battery Tubes

Our pole type battery tubes slide down pole top displays and can attach directly to a motor bracket or to power other display electronics.

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