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A Trusted Supplier for Over 65 Years!

U.S. and Wholly-Owned China Manufacturing


Efficient, battery powered, attention grabbing effects can be achieved using our custom P.O.P. Display LED components.

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We offer high quality, cutting edge P.O.P. Display LCD screens to deliver your message directly to consumers.

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Achieve higher sales and better placement with P.O.P. motion displays! Motion displays draw more attention to your product

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Spread your message and involve your customers with clear, crisp audio your customer will hear and understand.

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NEW! Magnetic LED Shelf Lighting System

Illuminate Your Shelf Space with customizable LED lighting!

- Fast, secure installation
- Easy removal with no damage
- Vertical track powers multiple shelves
- Twist-in connectors allow easy adjustment of shelf heights
- Lightweight, protective aluminum LED channel
- Diffuser strip for even brightness
- Multiple low voltage DC options
- Custom channel and lead lengths
- Channel can be mounted with magnets, twinstick, or double-sided tape
- Can provide power to LED, audio, and video components
- Winner of the 2017 Creative Editor's Choice Award for New Display Products!

Contact Hankscraft for more information! 608.524.4341

Featured Project - Football Display

This corrugated football display was constructed using these Hankscraft components:

(1) 4.5V 30rpm 3440 motor with metal mount
(1) Plastic crank and linkage
(1) 10.1" LCD screen
(4) 3"x3" etched LED panels
Various fishsticks, washers, and crutch tips

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"Hankscraft delivered my display goods in a timely, cost effective & professional way. They walked me through ALL my questions, concerns and made positive & expert suggestions. I am thoroughly pleased with the results. Mission accomplished... People LOVE our display!"
Alex Reymundo
Number JUAN Tequila
Founder / CEO / Cool Guy

We put the P.O.P. in your display! ®We can assist you at any stage with design, engineering, packaging, assembly and fulfillment.

Multi-Screen Video Bar

Ultra-slim Six Panel Display

• 3.5" or 5" LCD Screens
• Optional Biult-In Audio
• Custom Playback Functions Available

LED Light Header

Kraft BBQ Sauces.

This display header has a sequence of LED lights for maximum attention grabbing.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive here at Hankscraft.

  • How do I find a sales representative?

    • Contact us through one of our quick submission forms or call us to be transferred to your regional representative.

  • What is the Lead time?

    • Lead time will vary depending on what you require and the quantity you require.
    • Hankscraft owns its own factory in China where we make most of our LED’s, Audio’s and LCD screens.  Generally, we require a 4 week lead time from the date you place your order.
    • If you order motors, we make those at our Reedsburg Wisconsin location.  Always call for best lead times.  Again, depending on the complexity, amount and type of packing you require, lead times will vary.  A good general rule would be 4 weeks.

  • What do you guys actually do?

    • At Hankscraft, we have many different divisions including Point of Purchase, OEM, H2O group, engineering and design as well as Tap handles and many locations.  The P.O.P division is located in our main headquarters in Reedsburg Wisconsin.
    • We bring your display or idea to life!  We generally work with LED’s, Audio, LCD screens and motors.  We are most famously known for our high quality, affordable motors to make your display move.
    • Call one of our qualified Sales executives for even more details.

  • Can you make our whole display?

    • At Hankscraft, we  can produce your entire “idea” or permanent  project from engineering and design to pack out if that is what you require.
    • Our professional scope would be supplying the components for your project that you would send to your pack out, but we can accommodate most requests.

  • Where are you located?

    • Hankscraft’s headquarters are located at 300 Wengel Dr.  Reedsburg, Wisconsin.  We are about an hour north of Madison.  Or, 15 minutes from Wisconsin Dells.  The waterpark capital of the world.
    • Our other location in Wisconsin is AJS and they are located at Random Lake Wisconsin.  AJS makes all of our tap handles.
    • Hankscraft also purchased a location in China  called Han Ke Wu Jiao which is Chinese for Hankscraft!  We are located in Suzhou China.

  • How much are your motors?

    • Most of our motors are custom made. We don’t have a set price for our motors until we know more details from your drawing or cut out.  Many different components go into a motor assembly.

  • Can I get pricing?

    • We are always happy to get you a quote on LED’s, Audio’s, LCD Screens and motors.  We will require information on your project to quote accurately.
    • Once we make a sample for you, pricing will follow.

  • How quickly can I get a sample?

    • Once we get your specific details on your project,  we can have our lab make a sample for you.
    • Depending on the complexity and high volume of sample requests,  timing will vary.
    • Most samples can be sent by the next business day.

  • How much are your samples?

    • Most samples are $200.00 depending on your request.
    • Some LCD screens are large and may require a greater amount.
    • Call us to find out how to get your sample charge refunded.

  • How much battery life will I get?

    • Battery life can vary widely depending on your project.
    • We offer motion sensors, push buttons and a variety of patterns to get the longest life possible for your display.

  • What is the difference in Ribbon LEDs?

    • We carry several different options in Ribbon LED’s and accessories.
    • 60 per meter  or 120 per meter .
    • 4500K  or 6000K.

Our Mission

"Deliver value through innovation, creativity and diversification".

• We deliver value to our customers by engineering and producing a quality product at a reasonable price.
• We deliver value by using our abilities to solve problems by using innovative and different methods.
• We deliver value by using our imagination to work beyond existing ideas, rules and procedures.
• We will design, manufacture and sell a wide variety of products by innovating existing products and developing new ones.

Our Core Values

Our mission is supported by our company values, which are what we believe each employee should do every single day.

• Chase perfection
• Be proactive
• Be honest
• Operate as one global team
• Work hard but have fun

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